Barcode Printer Printheads

Buy and order your thermal printheads from Precision Peripherals Ltd

Precision Peripherals Ltd supply a wide range of thermal transfer barcode label printer printheads that are available to buy with discounts and special deals for brands such as Zebra, Sato, CAB, Honeywell, Citizen, Printronix, TSC, TEC and Microplex.  Because of our partnership agreements we are unable to advertise our discounted and cheap printheads on the web.

Most of the thermal barcode label printheads that we sell are available to buy on a next day service. We can also offer an optional engineer fitting service using our team of nationwide field service engineers.

To discuss your requirements, give our team a call on 01635 206700 or fill in our quick quote form or get in touch via the contact us button below.

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Thermal barcode printhead and platen

Do you even need a new printhead?

If you are getting lines or your printhead is poor then it may just need cleaning. You can extend the life of your printhead and save money by performing regular maintenance using specialist cleaning wipes.

You can speak to us for advice and to find out which product is most suited for your printer We also give training to your users and can demonstrate what maintenance functions you need to be doing to not only get more life from your printheads but to ensure that your printer is always running optimally.

 What about platens?

We always recommend replacing the platen roller at the same time as the printhead. This is another relatively inexpensive way that you can extend the life of your printhead.

You can find out more about our range of industrial thermal barcode printer platens by visiting our platen product page.

Zebra thermal printhead platen

How does a thermal printhead work? 

Printheads for industrial thermal printers consists of a fixed number of heating element which correspond to it's print resolution. Measured in dots per inch the most common types are 203DPI, 300DPI and 600DPI. When fired, these heating elements transfer heat through the TTR and onto the label substrate. This combined with pressure completes the printing process by transferring the melted ink to the label substrate. 

Dots per Inch (DPI) EXPLAINED 

Deciding the print resolution you need is something you need to do before choosing a printer.  You need to consider: 

  • Clarity and readability – the higher the resolution or DPI the sharper the image printed. 
  • Print speed – the higher the dpi, the slower the print speed 
  • Size of text – the smaller the print of the text or symbols used, the higher the DPI needed to ensure legibility. 
  • Cost – higher resolution printers cost more and replacing the printhead costs more. 

Which Printhead do I need?

If you are unsure about which printhead you need then our independent technical sales team are on hand to give advice and support. But we have put a handy guide together to help you decide.

As a rule of thumb: 

  • If the person looking at your labels is thinking of buying the item (i.e. you want to present your products in the best light), choose 300dpi.  
  • If the label is a packaging label used by the warehouse or used in an industrial setting then choose 203dpi.  
  • If you are printing a small label and you need text smaller than 7 point then go for 300 dpi and 
  • If you are printing small label (typically less than 10mm wide or tall) and you need a 1D or 2D barcode (QR Code or Datamatrix code) on it, consider a 300dpi or 600 dpi printer. 

203 DPI printheads are generally the cheapest option and are best suited for applications where print is necessary but where a sharp image is not needed.

These printheads are typically found in logistics and warehousing environment where there are long production runs where print quality is not as important. 203 DPI printheads work well with:

  • Direct thermal and thermal transfer labels
  • Shipping labels with large text and barcodes
  • All standard paper and synthetic stocks

300 DPI printheads are the most popular printhead for the majority of label sizes.

Small 7pt and 6pt text will print easily. Smaller labels will print well using barcodes scannable barcodes. Note text printed in reverse using serif typefaces will appear sharp, however thin strokes will fill in.  300 DPI printheads works well with:

  • Direct thermal and thermal transfer labels
  • Shipping labels, product labels and asset labels
  • All standard paper and synthetic stocks

600 dpi print resolution is mandatory for printing labels used in the electronics and jewellery industry.

This higher resolution printhead is necessary for printing text at 5pt and QR codes. Very often synthetic stocks are needed to ensure proper heat dissipation and in order to work properly you will also need to use a durable resin or wax-resin ribbon. While more expensive, the lifespan of a 600 dpi printhead is much longer than a 203 or 300 dpi with greater quality print.  600 DPI printheads work well with:

  • Electronic, jewellery and eyeglass Labels
  • Small Asset Labels
  • Synthetic stocks using resin ribbons

If you are unsure about which printhead to use for your application then please contact us and we will be happy to give you advice and support.