Citizen Thermal Printers

Buy your next Citizen printer from Precision Peripherals Ltd to receive the best advice and support.

If you purchase your Citizen thermal barcode label printer from Precision Peripherals Ltd then you will not only be getting the best price and deals but you will also be getting access to our vast range of after sale support services.   PPL can provide you with advice if you are considering purchasing a Citizen thermal barcode label printer.

If you already own a Citizen printer then we offer fully comprehensive maintenance contracts and can also repair faults and fix problems on an adhoc basis.

Please browse our catalogue of Citizen thermal barcode label printers or contact us by calling our sales team on 01635 206700 or clicking the button below. 

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Citizen printers from Precision Peripherals Ltd

History of Citizen Systems  

Known primarily for their watches, Citizen are a Japanese electronics company that also produces high quality, best in class, printers which are characterised by their compact size and low running costs.  

Citizen Solutions  

  • Label   
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Photo  
  • Kiosk  
  • Ticket  
Citizen printers from Precision Peripherals Ltd
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