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If you purchase your Sato thermal barcode label printer from Precision Peripherals Ltd then you will not only be getting the best price and deals but you will also be getting access to our vast range of after sale support services.   

PPL has been a authorised partner of Sato since the 1990s and so our technical sales team have a wealth of product knowledge. As we see so many Sato printers our engineers are familiar with their products across the range and we carry many spare parts for Sato printers.

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About Sato   

SATO have an illustrious history in the barcode printer label industry. SATO are a global leading provider of Auto ID systems that are designed for a wide range of industries including food, packaging, warehousing and distribution.  

Founded in 1940 they were there to develop, manufacture and sell machinery for processing bamboo rattan and palm.   In 1962, SATO developed a hand labeller that revolutionised the supply business by making it easier for retailers to adjust pricing and price their products rapidly.  Using this experience SATO were able to move into point of sale (POS) systems in the 1970s.   

As the requirements of their customers became more sophisticated then so too did SATO solutions that they designed for their customers.   They developed revolutionary printing methods which needed barcode management including manufacturing, retail, logistics, food processing and medical care.   

Although a world leader in 2D barcode printers SATO showed themselves to be leaders of this industry with the invention of the worlds first RFID printer in 2003.  

Sato Services 

  • Industrial Printers 
  • Desktop Printers 
  • Mobile Printers 
  • Intelligent Printers 
  • Tag Printers 
  • Print Engines 
  • RFID Printers 
  • Continous Feed Laser Printers 
  • Labels and Tags 
  • Linerless Labels  
  • Ribbons 
  • Wristbands 
  • RFID Tags 
  • Label Design Software 
  • Application Enabled Printing  
  • Scanners 
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