Mobile Computers

We supply a wide range of mobile computers to fulfil any function.

To succeed in today’s digitally connected business world, you need to give your workers the right tools to complete their unique work tasks faster, smarter and better. Our portfolio of mobile computing hardware and software tools can you them raise their performance.

We offer a range of mobile computer design forms to equip your workers for all use cases – from handhelds and tablets to wearables and vehicle mounted computers. Whether they run on the Windows or Android operating system, our mobile computers feature robust built-in software intelligence that enables your workers to perform at their best, shift after shift.

Zebra mobile handheld computer

Handheld Computers

Increase efficiency, productivity and customer customer levels, inside the four walls or out in the field, with our range of handheld mobile computers.

With our mobile computers in hand, workers can access the information, applications and people they need to get the job done. The result? Productivity is up and your customers experience the best service possible. When you choose our products, you’re in good company. The world’s largest retailers, manufacturers, transportation and logistics companies, field sales and service organisation and healthcare providers use our range of mobile computers every day to turbocharge their business.

Wearable Computers

Our comfortable yet durable wearable computers are built with the latest data capture and voice technology, keeping workers hands and eyes on the tasks at hand.

We provide our customers with robust wearable solutions that are purpose-built for the enterprise. From our Android wearable mobile computers with built-in intelligence for superior manageability to our diverse ring scanners that deliver unrivalled scan performance, these solutions give your front-line workforce the performance edge they need. By combining the hands-free mobility of our wearable technology with one-of-a-kind features like tap to pair capabilities, our wearable solutions enable the operational flexibility needed to replace complexity with productivity.

Zebra Wearable Computer
Vehicle Mounted Computer

Vehicle-Mounted Computers

Maximize productivity and deliver flawless fulfillment in even the most challenging warehouse environments with our vehicle-mounted computers.

The on-demand economy is challenging your front-line workers—including forklift operators—to fill orders faster, without any loss of accuracy. Designed for harsh warehouse, cold chain and yard environments, our ultra-rugged vehicle-mounted computers can equip them to elevate their work performance to new heights. They’re made to be mounted on material handling equipment and withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration to maintain operational continuity.


Our tablets deliver the consumer styling your workers are used to with the enterprise class features they need to get the job done – inside the four walls or out in the field.  

When you’re out to set a higher standard, you need a tablet that’s not only rugged, but also smart, and tailored to your way of working. One that doesn’t force you to adjust your process or goals to accommodate the limits of its own abilities.

For us toughness isn’t the end game…it’s just the starting point, table stakes for a purpose that’s far-reaching, high achieving and uniquely defined by you. It’s time to power your job performance and career aspirations to their highest level with a purpose-built tablet that’s perfectly matched and personally customized to work your way.

Zebra Tablet
Nurse using a healthcare mobile computer

Healthcare Mobile Computers

Zebra delivers the ultimate in touch computing for today’s healthcare workers. You get the mobile computing, clinical collaboration and data capture features you need to provide every patient with the highest quality care.

Zebra delivers the ultimate in touch computing for today’s healthcare workers. You get the mobile computing, clinical collaboration and data capture features you need to provide every patient with the highest quality care.


Handheld RFID Readers and RFID Enabled Scanners

Our RFID readers give you total visibility, allowing you to identify, track, manage and optimize assets.

From warehouses and loading docks to indoor customer-facing and carpeted environments, our handheld RAIN RFID readers and RFID-enabled scanners help you achieve maximum visibility into your enterprise assets.

RFID Printer