Thermal Printer Maintenence Contracts

Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts for your Thermal Barcode Printers

If your thermal barcode printers are crucial to your operation then make sure that they are covered with a fully inclusive maintenance contract.  

We understand that the key requirements for providing maintenance contracts is:

  • Having a proactive service department who is easy to contact.
  • Engineers who are trained properly, can repair faults quickly and diagnose correctly.
  • A distribution network to source parts and get them fitted quickly.

PPL addresses these issues by having:

  • A service department based in the UK who can be contacted by phone, e-mail or instant messaging.
  • Engineers who are very experienced. The average length of service of a PPL engineer is over 15 years.
  • PPL has direct agreements with manufacturers and relationships with hundreds of distributors and resellers across the world.

If you would like to find out more about how PPL can support your industrial thermal barcode printers through a maintenance contract then please send us your enquiry or use the quick quote form below.

Zebra ZT620 Printer engineer maintenance contract
Industrial Thermal Printer Repair

Maintenance Contracts for Thermal Printers  

At PPL we offer a range of annual thermal printer maintenance agreements tailored to your specific requirements.

Our thermal printer maintenance contracts cover all the spares and labour needed to bring your printer back online. The only items excluded from our maintenance contracts are consumables with a set life such as platen rollers and printheads which we can provide if necessary.

A PPL thermal printer maintenance contract comes with a variety of response times including next business day, 8 hour, same day or 4 hour response plus an optional PM Preventative Maintenance Service.

Location of Thermal Engineers   

Our engineers are located throughout the UK and allow us to provide 4, 8 or a next working day SLA to a majority of customers.  

We have split the country into zones. We are still able to service printers in zones 2 & 3 although the response times may be longer than for those customers in zone 1.

Thermal Printhead Engineer

Barcode Printer Engineer Ongoing Training

When a printer engineer joined PPL irrespective of their background, they attend a training programme in our workshop where they are taught the fundamentals of thermal barcode printer technology.  

Once having passed our internal assessments they are then sent to manufacturers to work on course for specific machines and software.   

Many manufacturers provide online training to approved suppliers and so our engineers are expected to do online courses and take exams to ensure that their skills are refreshed and their skills are kept up to date.   

Advanced Exchange Program  

One service that is becoming increasingly popular is our advanced exchange programme. This service combines our workshop and field engineers to provide you with an always on solution.    It is appropriate for companies with a large installed base of machines on a single or multiple sites.  

The way that it is works is that we hold stock of your ‘exchange’ thermal printers at our South Wales Repair Centre.  When a call is logged by one of your site locations an ‘exchange printer’ are dispatched to our engineer along with the call.   When the engineer arrives if they are unable to repair the machine the ‘exchange printer’ is exchanged and switched with the faulty printer.   Our engineer will make arrangements for the faulty label printer to be returned to our workshop where it will be repaired and put back into stock ready for the next time that a label printer fails.   

The advantage for customers is that is results in a 100% guaranteed first time fix. 

GK-420 printer repair photo

Best Endeavours Contracts and Supporting Obsolete Thermal Barcode Label Printers   

Like with all printers, Barcode printers are being developed and refined and as more printers are built then many more are declared obsolete.   However, it may not be possible for customers with older machines to upgrade due to the software or budgetary reasons.   Furthermore, many people don’t want to upgrade machines that to all intensive purpose work perfectly well.   

For printers such as these we offer a best endeavours service contract which is sold on the understanding from both parties that our engineers will try to keep the machines up and running through a combination of guile, experience and remaining stock left in the channel but that we cannot guarantee to repair it.  

When the time comes to replace it then our technical sales team are on hand to help you choose the best printer upgrade.  

Zebra Printer Contracts  

PPL has been authorised to repair Zebra printers since the start of the millennium.   Currently PPL is one of the few companies in the UK authorised to provide maintenance contracts and service and repair the wide range of Zebra industrial and desktop barcode and label printers  

Unlike other companies, PPL can offer maintenance contracts for Zebra printers by virtue of being one of only a handful of authorised independent service provider.  

Our advantage is that our engineers have access to up-to-date training, manuals and can purchase spare parts that are not readily available.   

Printer Manufacturers  

We provide maintenance contracts for a wide range of printer manufacturers including Honeywell, Intermec, Datamax, TSC, Citizen and Microplex.  For a full list of the printers that we support then click here.  

Not just label printer repairs  

As a multi-technology company, we can also repair laser printers, photocopiers and wide format.   This means that we can offer customer a one-stop shop for their printer servicing requirements.   Ask your account manager how we can help with your other printer technologies.  

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