Thermal Printer Voucher Repairs

Labour only vouchers for your barcode label printers can be an ideal solution with customers with several printers spread across different sites.

Vouchers are ideal for companies with a large installed base of printers who need supply but not do want to commit to a traditional maintenance contract  

If you are responsible for managing a large number of printers but do not wish to have a traditional on site contract but still want the flexibility and peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can pick up the phone and get an expert label printer engineer to your factory or warehouse then our voucher scheme may be the right solution for you.  

Zebra ZT620
Industrial Thermal Printer Repair

Call Vouchers 

Customers purchase a block of call vouchers in advance.  We operate two types:  

Call Voucher – Covers the labour irrespective of how many visits it takes to resolve the issue.     

Labour Voucher – Covers the labour on a per visit basis.  

Under both schemes the parts are chargeable but genuine parts can be supplied by PPL at competitive rates.  

How it Works 

We make it very easy to log calls and if a printer fails you simply get in touch with our call centre and the call is logged on our system and the voucher is debited from your account.     The call is dispatched to our engineer in the traditional way.    

If the engineer is able to repair the printer on that visit, then the call is closed and no further action is taken.   However, if parts are required these will be identified and verified before being passed onto our purchasing team.   You will be sent a quote for the additional repair and your account will be updated depending on whether you have chosen call or labour only voucher.  

For more information and pricing then please contact your salesman.  

Local printer engineers

Engineer Coverage  

If this is a multi-site installation then the cost of the voucher will depend in which zones you are (insert map).   Our thermal barcode label printer engineers are near to most major cities and towns in the UK although there are some regions of the country which will can still support but take longer to get to.   

To get a quote or speak to one of our sales team about call vouchers then please give us a call or fill in this form: