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Bartender is a powerful label management system that works both on-site and via the SSE

BarTender software allows users to print database gives companies and organisations around the world the tools to improve safety, security efficiency and compliance. Bartender software transforms information held in database and ERP systems into the labels, barcodes, RFID tags, smartcards and documents that drive business.

BarTender software comes in four different levels: starter, professional, automation and enterprise editions.

BarTender Label Design Software In-House Solutions

BarTender label design software is the worlds most popular label and barcode creation software. It is used by thousands of organisations throughout the world.

However, for first time users the range of options and configurations can be confusing so here is a quick comparison that shows the differences between the four versions.

BarTender Starter

BarTender Starter Edition

BarTender Starter edition is the most cost-effective and basic offering which is ideal for smaller businesses. You can use data from basic CSV files and Excel.

Use up to three printers

Easy label design tools

No use of Pantone colours

Basic label design editor

Can only import from Excel of CSV files

Serialize labels by increments/decrements of 1

Can’t create serial numbers that use advance patterns

Supports Amazon Transparency-compliant Labels

BarTender Professional

BarTender Professional

BarTender Professional edition offers more advanced features and includes RFID encoding and allows users to connect to more advanced databases.

Use with up to three printers.

Supports over 20 major databases or data file types including MS SQL, Excel, QuickBooks, Access, XML, JSON, CSV and IBM DB2,

Reduce label maintenance with Intelligent Templates

Can build barcodes using the latest GS1 compliance standards

Print commercial quality labels using PANTONE colours

Can create Serial numbers that support alphanumeric hexadecimal and custom sequencing patterns.

Can encode RFID tags, smartcards and magnetic strip cards.

Enterprise Edition

BarTender Enterprise Edition

Ideal for businesses that operate in regulated industries or span multiple locations and need to control design and printing throughout the business.

Has all the features of Automation edition with the addition of:

Centralised management, certified integrations, document management, web and mobile printing and comprehensive security.

Centralised print management tools for printer and print job throughout a corporate network

Automatically redirect jobs to another printer in the event of a printer failure.

BarTender Automation

BarTender Automation

BarTender Automation edition combines the features from Professional but introduces automated, integrated printing. It allows you to print from more databases and is designed for companies and organisations with fleets of printers.

Automated printing directly from your business systems (including SAP, Oracle, Infor, HighJump, Epicor, NetSuite, Sage and more).

Reduce label maintenance with Intelligent Templates

Create forms that run automated processes and actions

Enable secure printing operations