Managed Print Services

Managed Print Service Contracts from Precision Peripherals Ltd.

Bad luck – you have been asked to find a new supplier for your next managed print contract. Unfortunately, that means that you are having to interact with the worst type of human beings – photocopier salesmen. I bet that the only reason you are looking for a new supplier is because you have been ripped off by a previous company, had horrible service or have only just managed to get out of a watertight unfavourable contact.

But don’t worry – as a boutique specialist printer engineering company, Precision Peripherals Ltd are here to help. We provide a refreshing approach to managed print contracts. Because we aren’t reliant on photocopier sales to drive our business it means that we can give you the very best advice. Our team of friendly local printer engineers are based around the country who can pop in and support you. Furthermore, as we are selective about the companies that we take on it means that we have a small enough base to provide our customers with the very best service.

If that’s not enough for you all our sales people are ex-engineers so you will never have to deal with a typical copier salesman again.

To discuss your next managed print services contract with an actual human being then please fill out the form below…

Managed Print Services + Copiers

Our Managed Print Service

  • Savings – we will save you money by either reducing your cost per page, consolidating print devices or reduce waste and energy consumption.
  • Security – we will help you secure your data and prevent accidental print jobs going to the wrong people.
  • Software enhancement – we will use software to help you eliminate print or transfer it to the cloud.
  • Diagnostics – we will remotely monitor your fleet and send toners out and remedy faults remotely.
  • Easy to understand contracts with no hidden tie ins.

Service for Supplies

Service for Supplies is an innovative method of providing a managed print services contracts for companies who run fleets of A4 desktop printers.

S4S is an innovative package that Precision Peripherals Ltd designed. Customers to take advantage of the savings that come from using aftermarket supplies by providing them with proven quality toner cartridges.. Each printer using our supplies is covered by one of our fully inclusive parts and labour maintenance contract.

For more information about how Service for Supplies works click on the video, get in touch or visit our product webpage