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Welcome to Microplex UK, the UK’s leading reseller of Microplex printers. If you are new to Microplex then by way of introduction they are a German printer manufacturer who design printers for innovative and world class organisations. Their printers are used by some of the worlds largest companies and they not only design printers to solve unique problems but are also plug and play compatible with legacy ERP software and SAP.

The reason why Microplex printers are so well liked by IT professionals is that they come with an inbuilt controller which features over 30 printer emulations and which can also be configured to print very quickly and integrate perfectly into conveyor type systems.

Their thermal printer range are well built and protected by a robust metal case that protects the inner components of the printer. Special machines in the range include rugged printers able to be horizontally mounted to fork lift trucks, two colour for printing GHS warning labels and a tractor fed thermal printer that can print on continuous form stationary.

Their laser range consists of printers that can introduce A4 laser printers into conveyor type systems and an ideal replacement who are looking to replace line matrix printers.

Microplex Solid F40
logiJET TC8 cover open

Microplex printers are used all around the world in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Newspapers
  • Mailing Housing
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Warehousing

Please feel free to browse the Microplex range below or click on the contact us button below to arrange a callback from a technical sales engineers.

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Microplex Solid F40
Microplex Solid 58E
Microplex Solid 60E

Solid F40 Printer Microplex Printer

Solid 58E Printer Microplex Printer

Solid 60E Printer Microplex Printer

Micoplex Solid 85
Microplex Solid F140

Solid 85E Microplex Printer

Solid F140 Microplex Printer


Microplex Solid 52A4
Microplex Solid 90A3
Microplex Solid 50A3

Solid 52A4

Solid 90A3

Solid 50A3-3

Microplex Solid 105
Microplex Solid 105

Solid 120A3

Solid 105A3

Microplex Printer Support in the UK

Precision Peripherals Ltd are a boutique printer technical services company. Our network of engineers allows us to provide comprehensive onsite service support for every printer that we sell including the Microplex range. Our technical sales team are helpful and will work with you at each stage of the project; from identifying the correct machine right the way through to the installation and testing.

Please feel free to browse the product range of Mircoplex printers below or click on the contact us button below to arrange a call back from one of our technical sales team.

Microplex logiJET T8-3