Microplex LogiJET T4-2 A printer that switches emulations

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The Microplex logiJET T4-2 is a robust printer which features a 300DPI printhead that enables it not only to print small barcodes but also small graphics onto 4 inch labels.

The chassis is designed to protect the printhead and internal components from dust and debris so as to prolong the life of the printer and prevent downtime.

As in the case of all Microplex printers, the logiJET T4-2 is preloaded with a wide range of emulations. The printer can understand and process more than 30 different printer languages including PCL5 and Printronix IGP which makes it the best option for replacing a laser printer with a thermal printer.

The Microplex logiJET T4-2 is ideal for:
  • Printing stickers, labels and tags.
  • RFID inlays (optional).
  • Just-in-time printing or batch processing.
Microplex Logijet T4-2 buy from PPL
Microplex Logijet T4-2 buy from PPL

Highlights / Features / Special Attributes

  • Not only is this printer easy to set up but it is also easy to use.
  • The logiJET T4-2 can print both 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • An IDOL Windows driver comes as standard.
  • Installed with an Ethernet (10/100Mbit) network card.
  • Both automatic switching to active interface and automatic switching of emulation in dependency of interface.
  • PCL5E emulation – plug and play with SAP.


The main benefit from users choosing the Microplex is the play is in the way that it can easily plug and play into existing software applications.

The full list of emulations supported throughout the Microplex range are as follows:

MICROPLEX IDOL, AGFA Reno, LN03+, BULL-MP6090, IGP-10, IGP/PGL, Datamax, Etimark MP-1220, TEC Bx72, TEC B6xx, LDC, ZPL II, EPL2, Intermec® Direct Protocol, IER Command, cab, Godex EZPL, Diablo 630, IBM Proprinter, Epson FX-80 (ESC/P), MT-600/MT40, IDS, ANSI Genicom, TIFF, HP Designjet, XML (SAP®, RFID), CUPS Raster

These optional emulations can also be included:

HP-PCL5/ HPGL, μ-Postscript, CODE-V (Magnum), XEROX XES, KODESCRIPT+, Prescribe/PSB 2, Labelpoint, Barcode 2, IPDS, AEA, AFP, RFM, Status-Out, PDF direct printing*

More emulations can be provided on request.

Microplex Logijet T4-2 buy from PPL

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