Service for Supplies

Save money on your toners and receive an inclusive maintenance contract for your printer

Save up to 80% on your printing supplies and get an inclusive parts and maintenance service contract

Service for Supplies is a revolutionary approach in the way that organisations purchase their consumables for their laser printers.

It’s no surprise to anybody who has brought supplies for their printer that it is cheaper to fill up a swimming pool with vintage champagne than with printer toners. Of course buyers know that there are hundreds of manufacturers of after market printer supplies but with so much choice and variety then they have legitimate concerns about quality and whether it will void the warranty on their printer. An incorrectly manufactured toner cartridge can leak and destroy a machine or be so inefficient that it works out more expensive than the original.

Service For Supplies is an inclusive package that Precision Peripherals Ltd designed to enable customers to take advantage of the savings that come from using after market supplies by providing them not only with a quality brand, but with a full parts and labour maintenance contract as well.

This short video show how Service for Supplies works
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How does it work?

Customers who choose to take out a Supplies Contract with Precision Peripherals Ltd are given an all inclusive price for the toner which includes maintenance. They are often surprised because even with the extra service charge, it is still up to 80% cheaper than their usual supplier.

There are a number of options in the way that supplies are ordered. Customers can either let Precision Peripherals Ltd to manage the entire process through the remote monitoring of supplies via our dedicated team or do it themselves by sending orders when they are ready to purchase.

If a user has a problem with the printer then they simply get in touch and we will send an engineer over to investigate. PPL printer engineers then will come to site and repair the fault. Our engineers are located within an hour of all the major cities. The Service for Supplies contracts covers any mechanical fault on the machine irrespective of whether they were caused by the toners.


The manufacturers typically covered include; HP. Brother, OKI, Develop, Konica, Ricoh, Epson and Samsung but also many more.

Precision Peripherals Ltd can design bespoke services based around your printing requirements and your various models. The scheme doesn’t depend on whether you have one manufacturer and we work alongside customers who have a mix of manufacturers and machine types.

We are happy to listen to your problems and give you the very best advice and recommendations.

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